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Natural Panel Range

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About Us

Nu World Plastics are a Nationwide supplier of all Plastic Building Products such as FasciasSoffitsGutterDry VergeSoil-PipePolycarbonate RoofingHygienic SheetsMultipanel and much more. 

Our wall cladding ranges are a durable, hygienic alternative to paint or tiles, PVC hygienic sheets provides a decorative, practical and hygienic solution. Our bathroom panels give a watertight, seamless surface and is impervious, preventing water ingress into the substrate, thereby avoiding structural damage. Nu-World Plastics PVC hygienic cladding does not require grout so the risk of mould and bacteria growth is dramatically reduced.

Main Benefits:
Excellent chemical resistance
High impact strength
Easily fabricated and formed
High fire rating: self extinguishing
High electrical and thermal insulation
Easily fabricated

Nu World Plastics multiPANEL Wetwall Range is the latest way to refurbish any bathroom, wetroom or W.C space in our luxurious panelling. From contemporary to timeless classics it is possible to create a stunning completely waterproof area that is quick and easy to install.

Our extensive range of walls, floors, ceilings and vanities give you the flexibility to design your own unique space. All our products will eliminate the risk of mould and are very easy to keep clean. Its time to make your house a home with Nu World Plastics multiPANEL Wetwall Panels.