Septic Tanks

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Septic Tanks are available spherical and cylindrical, with sizes to suit all domestic applications.
Manufactured by Clearwater they meet both the installation requirements and the standards of discharge specified by EN 12566 Part 1 and all achieve a high degree of settlement, producing a quality of effluent for discharge to a land drainage system.
A septic tank consists of a two or three chamber system that retains sewage from a property for a sufficient length of time to allow the solids to form into sludge at the bottom of the tank, where it is partially broken down through anaerobic digestion. The remaining liquid can then overflow from the tank by means of an outlet pipe to a drainage field.
When choosing the size of storage tank for domestic properties it must be noted that under the Building Regulations it must have a minimum capacity of 18,000 litres (2 people) under Environment Agency regulations.
When siting units there are a number of factors to be considered. Systems should not be positioned closer than 7 metres to any dwelling and as far as possible from any watercourse, normally not less than 10 metres. 
A shallow dig septic tank can benefit in many areas and have been designed to reduce both installation time and costs.